Program analysis of private radio stations in Saarland

von Dirk Martens · 1. December 2023

On behalf of the Saarland State Media Authority (LMS), House of Research has now examined the private radio stations in Saarland for the third time after 2016 and 2020. In the 2023 program analysis of private radio stations in Saarland, eight private radio stations that can be received via FM and are licensed in Saarland were examined in order to present their journalistic preparation, musical orientation and diversity as well as their positioning on the radio market.

Dirk Martens from House of Research GmbH presented the results of sample of 672 hours of audio material recorded in 2023 to the LMS Media Council. The analyses focused on the proportion of music and words, the type of news and word contributions, the geographical reference and the intermedia comparison with a Saarland daily newspaper.


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