House of Research uses representative surveys, as well as qualitative interviews, focus groups and secondary data analysis of official population, labour market or economic statistics to investigate markets in depth. In this way, we provide empirically supported, clear and implementable results for politics and business. The markets we examine include, for example, the media, cultural and creative industries and the digital economy.

Culture and Creative Industries Index

The economic importance of the cultural and creative industries has greatly increased in recent years. Beyond this however, it has a strong impact on other sectors of the economy as well, such as tourism and all sectors whose retention of skilled workers is significantly improved by a culturally attractive location. Further economic potential can also be unleashed via “cross-innovations”. This sector therefore receives special attention not only in Germany, but also in many countries around the world. Continue …

Media Index

With the Media Index, House of Research presented an instrument to monitor and analyse the development of the video markets on an annual basis. Based on official statistics, the number of companies, their turnover and the number of employees are calculated and presented for a local authority. The study, which was carried out on behalf of the Medienboard Berlin-Brandenburg, differentiates between the submarkets film, TV, web, mobile and games and refers to the federal states of Berlin and Brandenburg. Continue …

The Economic Impact of Media Piracy

Due to the increasing digitalization and the numerous possibilities for data exchange on the Internet, copyright infringements are still a mass phenomenon. The Medienboard Berlin-Brandenburg has therefore commissioned House of Research to investigate the question of how digital piracy affects the economy of the media. For this purpose, we have used numerous international studies, developed predictors and models for estimating economic losses, and contrasted them with practice through expert interviews and workshops. Continue ….