Auditive media not only transport information but can also generate emotions in a special way. Music can be a means for its recipients to regulate mood and express their own view of life. Targeted podcasts, music streaming and word programs or incidentally heard entertainment programs and automatically generated playlists: Audio creates ” pictures in your head”. House of Research has been working with different approaches in this exciting field of research from the very beginning. Our portfolio includes numerous program and music research studies for radio stations, studies for the music industry and media institutions, studies on the podcast market and on the development opportunities of “immersive sound” technologies.

Program Analyses of Radio Stations

House of Research has been conducting program analysis of TV and radio stations for years. This is usually done via quantitative content analysis. We take care of the software-supported recording and carry out structural and content analysis using computer-supported coding in order to make statements about the form, content and journalistic quality of the programs. The program analysis also includes the study of the music profile, for which we use our very extensive music database. Continue …

Independent Music Industries

House of Research conducted a representative member survey for the Association of Independent Music Industries (VUT). With over 1,000 members, the association is the world’s largest association for independent musicians, labels, publishers, producers and other companies.
The survey showed what sales are generated in the industry, from which sectors they originate and what changes digitalization has triggered in the music industry. Continue …