House of Research Celebrates Its 20th Anniversary

von Dirk Martens · 20. October 2020

House of Research was founded in October 2000: A good time to say a big thank you to our customers, employees and friends again.

20 years ago I founded House of Research in Hamburg as a media research institute. The first clients were simultaneously Klassik Radio in Hamburg and Radio Arabella in Munich. The tasks at that time were mainly music and program research, which we subsequently conducted for many private and public radio programs.

Gradually, other media genres were added in addition to classical TV and print. The change and convergence of the media as well as usage types offered us an abundant field of activity: We were among the first to research new media emerging in the mid-2000’s such as podcasts, virtual worlds or video-on-demand.

Over time, we acquired expertise in other, particularly focused areas of society and economics: Cultural and creative industries, music industry, film industry, tourism, and health communication.

Our aim has always been to avoid taking quick shots for cheap press releases and just hastily asking things. What was and is important to us is a scientific, theory- and hypothesis-based approach. We are convinced that this is the only way to create action-relevant knowledge. Data is only a means to an end, not an end in itself.

The market position of House of Research is in the middle of the competitive fields of classical market research institutes, management consultancies and university research. We want to combine the best of these three worlds with our credo: high-level, practical market and consulting competence, reliable know-how of empirical methods as well as a thorough, efficient, and on-time project organization.

Today, our range of clients includes not only media houses, associations, and media institutions, but also federal and state ministries, international embassies, various scientific research institutions, non-profit organizations and more.

photo: brittaneu, pixabay

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