Study on the Provider Market for VR, AR & MR in Germany

von Dirk Martens · 24. July 2020

Cooperation instead of competition: In Germany, VR innovations are driven forward collaboratively.

The coronavirus has isolated us all globally and locally, but at the same time has brought us closer together digitally, thus further opening the door to a virtually connected world. Not only videotelephony but also VR, AR and XR technologies will be used increasingly in the future: for communication, private entertainment, medical and therapeutic purposes, for a wide range of business applications from marketing to engineering and much more. Many innovative solutions and strategies in this field come from Germany. They are conceived and implemented by hundreds of creative minds in a multitude of companies, institutions and universities.

A coalition of all German trade associations in the industry has now published the first “VR/AR Market Report Germany Q1 2020“. In addition to some basic data on the industry, it provides a comprehensive reference work on the relevant players and providers in Germany and gives a regionally structured overview. House of Research, founding member of the Virtual Reality Berlin-Brandenburg association, has conducted studies on the economic significance of virtual realities and technologies.

“VR/AR/MR technologies are also of great importance at the Film University Babelsberg Konrad Wolf and generate considerable interest among students.”

Dirk Martens, lecturer of the seminar “Aneignung digitaler Medien” for the degree Digital Media Culture and CEO of House of Research

The issuing trade associations of the report:

Stephan Sorkin & Axel Steikühle, board member Erster Deutscher Fachverband für Virtual Reality
Simon Graff & Susanne Ahmadseresht, board member nextReality.Hamburg
Prof. Dr.-Ing. Christoph Runde, CEO Virtual Dimensions Center – Fellbach
Peter Lorenz, board member Virtual Reality Berlin-Brandenburg
Thomas Fickert & Philip Wogart, directors VR/AR Association Deutschland
Jan Pflüger & David Thomson, advisory board VR/AR Association Deutschland

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