Always Online

von Dirk Martens · 1. February 2016

What used to be considered science fiction is now (virtual) reality. The world of media use is changing faster than ever before. Smartphones are always at hand, and media content can be accessed almost anywhere and at any time. What is the current state of affairs and what can you expect in the near future when it comes to media usage? Almost half of all 14-29 year olds already use mobile internet every day and smartphones are continually spreading (as of 2016). Especially for teenagers, it is perfectly normal nowadays to use the internet on the go thanks to internet flat rates. Despite their enthusiasm for the new possibilities, many people are rightly concerned about the possible misuse of their data. Because with new wearables such as fitness trackers etc., data from even the most intimate areas of life is generated.

An inventory of the situation and an outlook on what might still await us can be read in my article „Always Online“, which appeared in the media magazine Tendenz 1.16.

Photo: ©Mirko/Fotolia

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