Study on Sex Education in Elementary School Commissioned by the BZgA

von Diana Mirza · 15. March 2023

House of Research is conducting an evaluation of the media package “Dem Leben auf der Spur” in 2023 on behalf of the Federal Center for Health Education (BZgA). The media package is aimed at elementary school students, teachers and parents and contains various materials on sexuality education (brochures, posters, letters). The materials are provided free of charge and aim to provide information on topics such as sexuality and pregnancy in a child-friendly and instructive manner.

As part of the evaluation, House of Research is conducting a nationwide online survey with teachers who already have experience with sexuality education in elementary schools – including in inclusive settings. The survey focuses on familiarity with and evaluation of the media package as well as the context of sexuality education in elementary school. Building on this, we are conducting digital focus groups with teachers as well as special education teachers to discuss the individual contents of the media package in detail. For the evaluation, we will integrate the findings from the quantitative and qualitative study in order to systematically present the teachers’ assessments and experiences and to derive recommendations from them. The results serve the continuous further development of the media package for age-appropriate sexuality education.

Key data on the study can be found on the BZgA’s research information portal.

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