Presentation of medien.barometer 2021/22

von Dirk Martens · 8. February 2022

On behalf of media:net berlinbrandenburg, House of Research created the medien.barometer 2021/22. This annually repeated survey analyses the development of the mood in the industry field of ICT, media and creative industries in Berlin and Brandenburg. In addition, as every year, one topic was dealt with in particular:

Innovation potential of new business models through the pandemic:
Have new business models and fields of activity been developed, new cooperations with companies from outside the sector been concluded? Have digitalisation measures been accelerated or initiated? How does working in a home office affect the success of the business?  

The study was presented online on 08.02.2022 as part of a panel discussion that can be viewed on YouTube and Facebook.
The report can be downloaded here. A Tagesspiegel interview with Jeannine Koch was published on 7.2.22. Further details also at media:net.

House of Research specialises in communication and media research and conducts studies on location policy issues for associations and political institutions, among others.

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