Study on early childhood education and parenting topics

Currently we are conducting a scientific study concerning parenting topics and sexuality educatoin for children aged 4 to 6 on behalf of the Federal Centre for Health Education within the scope of business of the Federal Ministry of Health. Topics of sexuality education for children of this age include body perception, differences between boys and girls as well as themes such as pregnancy and birth.

How you can participate:

The study consists of several substudies, for two of which we need your support as a parent. You can choose to participate in just the first or in both substudies.

1. Online survey for parents

We are interested in the opinions of parents with children aged 4 to 6, on the topics of parenting and sexual development. You can find the questionnaire here. Filling out the online survey takes about 15 minutes. All data will be evaluated anonymously.

2. Interviews with parents

Through personal interviews with parents of pre-schoolers, we would like to learn more about their views on sexuality education. The interviews will take place in spring 2019 in our offices in Berlin-Zehlendorf. If you are interested, please fill out the Online Questionnaire and leave your contact data at the appointed place. Every participant in the interview study will receive 50€ as compensation for their time and effort.

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