Research Fields and Research Instruments

House of Research works on different research fields, concerning recipients and their use of media, or the use of media as an instrument for communication and advertisement:

  • television research
  • film research
  • radio research
  • internet including all derivates: development, utilization, effect, evaluation, prognosis of web 2.0 quotations, virtual worlds, and MMOs (Massive Multiplayer Online Games)
  • mobile communication
  • media effects research: medial offers, advertising, communication
  • customer satisfaction
  • usability and functionality of medial offers and products
  • enterprise and brand images
  • conception, coordination and realization of complex national, and international research projects
  • media integration: technological development, offerings, utilization, competency, effect, evaluation, prognosis
  • media economy
  • social background, target groups, life-worlds, motivations, activity, and value orientation
  • specific interests: children/adolescents, the 50 plus generation, foreigners, subcultures
  • media competency
  • cross-media communication
  • media ethics, credibility

  •  House of Research applies different instruments and methods in the field.

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