House of Research draws knowledge from multiple expertise areas and develops research concepts characterized by the optimal, efficient cost and result-orientated method mixture.

We use the whole scope of quantitative and qualitative research methods, approved and innovative, ranging from representative CATI telephone surveys (in house), face-to face, CAPI- and online surveys, group discussions, In depth- and expert interviews to content analysis and real-time response tests.

As one of the very few market research enterprises, House of Research uses  the technical real-time response measurement method prefalyzer which is a mobile system for testing footage. The ways of application are enormous: music, film, TV and radio programs, online content, live shows, and different kinds of products can be evaluated by a real audience or by determined target groups representatives in real time. The Prefalyzer is worldwide one of the best and approved systems of its kind.

The latest technique (Voxco) is used for CATI and online surveys which provides a multiple range of use and application options. Audio files can be imported into CATI interviews, multimedia contents can be integrated in online interviews. Respondents are able to jump in the online questionnaires with the so called co-browsing. This technique enables interview-aided online interviews.

Methods and Instruments in Catchwords

Representative population surveys via CATI (in house) or face-to-face, online-market research, mobile internet surveys, access panels, qualitative methods: focus groups (moderated group discussions), open and guided Interviews, In depth interviews, expert interviews (i.e. delphi-studies, real-time response test via prefalyzer (= preference analyzer: measurement of real-time response suitable for casting, media resonance, product testing, effect research, evaluation, music testing), TV-program research, program monitoring, -analysis and -evaluation; computer-aided content analysis, desk research: enquiry and (scientific) derivative analysis of existing information, radio broadcast: format-mapping, audience tracking, auditorium tests, and much more.

Chancen und Aufgaben Sehen. Menschen und Märkte Verstehen. Wissensbasiert erfolgreich Handeln.